15 years
Over its lifetime, Qipert has managed to position and consolidate itself as the only company in the sector that has its own delegate offices, with professionals of the highest academic credentials and expertise in every provincial capital. It is also a company that has made a commitment to internationalization.

Mission: Our main objective is to offer professional value-added solutions for the benefit of our customers, employees and shareholders, who make up our target audience or “stakeholders”.
Commitment to our stakeholders:

  1. Take their needs into account in the company’s decision-making.
  2. Listen proactively and maintain ongoing communication.
  3. Adopt processes and behaviours that are appropriate for each group.
  4. Work in cooperation with other entities in order to minimise any risks and damages that may be caused by the company’s activities.
  5. Avoid activities that could violate human rights or which pose other types of unacceptable risks.
  6. Evaluate the relations that exist with the different groups of stakeholders in order to continuously improve our efforts with regard to corporate social responsibility.



Calidad Qipert

Quality Policy: Our principal objective is to offer professional solutions that add value for our target public, comprised of our clients, employees and shareholders.

At Qipert, quality is an essential part of its business philosophy, which is based on its constant endeavour to fulfil its commitments to on-going improvement and client satisfaction. The Company has therefore developed efficient and clearly defined processes to meet its internal requirements and those of our clients, as well as legal and regulatory requirements. The Management System is based on the following ISO 9001 principles.

  • Principle 1. Client focus
  • Principle 2. Leadership
  • Principle 3. Staff involvement
  • Principle 4. Process-based focus
  • Principle 5. Management system focus
  • Principle 6. On-going improvement
  • Principle 7. Focus on facts when making decisions
  • Principle 8. Mutually beneficial relations with suppliers

The innovative spirit of the organization and its human resources guides its constant search for new opportunities to fulfil its clients’ needs and expectations.

See our Quality Policy and CSR



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We aim at being the best when it comes to managing mortgage and real estate assets or outsourced banking processes. We want our quality and the way we perform our services to set us a step ahead of our competition. The innovation, drive and quality of our staff are our company’s main assets and strength.



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a strategic focus of Qipert’s business management and, as such, it is present in everything we do. The implementation of CSR policies in our Group comes from our conviction that acting responsibly has a positive effect on the economic side of business. Therefore, our strategy is based on:

  • Corporate Integrity
    We strive to provide our stakeholders with the highest level of service and satisfaction, in strict compliance with the law.
  • Commitment to People
    We develop social and talent-management policies that make for a safe and comfortable working atmosphere; one that encourages professional development and allows for a balance between quality work and a fulfilling personal and family life
  • Environmental Protection
    We are committed to our surroundings and we manage the natural resources at our disposal as effectively as possible; minimising the environmental impact of our activities.

Some of the CSR actions carried out include:

  1. Implementation of a Gender Equality Plan.
  2. Collaboration with numerous high schools and secondary schools involving internships for their students in our company.
  3. Implementation of a policy to reduce paper usage and to recycle it.
  4. Systems to monitor energy usage.
  5. Flexible working hours when the service to our clients so permits.
  6. Internal Communication Plan to keep employees informed and allow for channels of two-way communication.
  7. Annual survey to assess the work environment and subsequently implement action plans based on the findings obtained.
  8. The Qipert Group is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.
  9. Annual Progress Report.