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The first thing to do before drafting your CV is to realise that it is your letter of presentation and you should therefore devote time and care to projecting a professional image.

Try to be brief, concise and direct. Your CV should not be more than two pages long. Remember that you have to be positive and capable of giving the best possible impression.

  • Use blank paper
  • Write with an easy to read font and spacing
  • Avoid decoration and different colours
  • Use bold text
  • Do not handwrite your CV
  • Take care with how you write and spell
  • It is not necessaary to include documents and certifications
  • Include a recent passport photo

Before going to the job interview is important that you prepare, you should always convey a sense of security and confidence.

Learn as much as you can on Qipert.

  • Take your CV with you to the interview and before you start, go over your academic record and professional experience. You will be asked about it.
  • Be well-presented.
  • It is a good idea to go to the interview alone, unaccompanied.
  • Be on time, even 5 minutes early.
  • What do I do during the interview?
  • Greet your interviewer in a conventional manner, with a handshake and smile while you look in his/her eyes.
  • Sit upright and don’t get nervous.
  • Let the interviewer take the initiative and do not talk too much. Speak clearly.
  • Think before you answer and respond clearly and briefly and also tell the truth.
  • If you have a question – what are the job functions? What are the working conditions?…
  • Do not interrupt and do not be pessimistic.
  • Be enthusiastic and express your gratitude.
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